Expert Series: The Strategic Exit Strategy Part 2 of 4

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The Strategic Exit Strategy: 

7 Steps to More Revenue and Happier Clients

Part 2 of 4 

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Graceful exits and endings are rich with opportunity!  By seeing the opportunities, and stepping into the opportunities, you can create a powerful win even as you’re saying ‘goodbye’ to a beloved client.

I mentioned that there are 7 key steps to leveraging the end of any coaching contract.  Step 1, was the guided review. Step 2 is sharing your observations and gratitude.

As your client is describing how they have grown, and how their accomplishments have unfolded, be sure to add in, (drawing from memory and session notes), how you have seen them grow.  By bringing in specifics that support their general review, you can greatly expand the depth and breadth of their awareness.  Be sure to share the gratitude you have for being part of the process, for being able to share in these breakthrough’s and for them, as individuals.  You have been let into a very sacred part of them, share they honor it has been,

While you have your client discussing the value they see in the coaching, how they have grown, celebrating their wins, you’re likely to hear them say many nice things about you, and coaching, in the process.  Write those things down; This moves us into Step 3.  

It’s wonderful to give the client the space to affirm this all for themselves, but these words can also be used to boost your business.

Simply reflect back the heart of what you have heard them say, mirroring back their words, and expanding on their thinking.  In doing so you position yourself to be able to easily say, “You’ve shared so many kind and wonderful things in these last few minutes, may I quote you in a testimonial?  I’d gladly write up a brief summary of what you’ve just shared, and with your approval, I’d love to add some of your words to my testimonial file”

While many coaches ask if a client would be comfortable giving a testimonial, this puts you in the driver’s seat.  Your client has likely said things that you discerning ear knows will help prospective clients feel inspired to hire you.  By stepping into the process and offering to gather those words you completely bypass the gap that often occurs when completing, or delivering, their testimonial falls on the client to deliver.

Close that gap! Increase the quality of your recommendations, and use them to inspire future clients! Win-win!

Practice this process as the opportunity arises, and/or deliberately practice and role play this process to prepare for when the opportunity arises.

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About the Author:

Terri Hase, PCC, MMC, is a 15+ year veteran in the coaching industry. She is Managing Director at Impact Coaching Academy where she teaches a variety of beginning and advanced coach training programs. Her private practice includes Mentoring and Business Development Coaching. Terri has served on the Executive Committee, and Board of Governors, for the International Association of Coaching.

Terri’s direct, casual, and humorous approach has earned her top status among instructors in the coaching field.

You can enjoy her teaching and innovative training through Impact Coaching Academy. Visit: >> Impact Coaching Academy <<  



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