Welcome to the power of choice small business coaching blog!

Hello and welcome to the power of choice small business coaching blog

After much deliberation, call it “analysis paralysis”, or a big ole perfection gremlin, here is my first EVER blog.

What held me back from getting this started was that I have SO much on my mind to tell you and totally forgot that a blog is an ongoing communication tool and not and “all or nothing” event.

Most importantly what I wanted to share is the super big thing that is going on for me and that is that I am more than ever in touch with my passion, or what my friend Jay Fiset calls my “Gift”.

I love working with small business owners and have a new mission and purpose:

To lead small business owners to freedom!

Why this jazzes and moves me is because freedom is my purpose for being a small business owner.

For me, freedom is something I learned more about while working with my coach, Jeb bates.
It is more than just what I thought which was “financial” freedom.
Freedom for me includes the ability to be free from a desk and the constraints of an office.
To honour my travel bug and live and work from anywhere.

My experience is that when I am in touch with my heart about something, inevitably there are many of you who feel the same way I do and are attracted to, and want more of, the topics and direction I am working on.

So what does freedom mean to you?

So stay tuned for more about what is freedom to small business owners and to me!

Please give some feedback about what you are reading and want from our connection.

And remember, you always have the power of choice! Garry

Garry Schleifer small business owner

Garry being free